Nowadays, many people have doubts about the efficacy of fascia guns. In fact, it is not surprising that there are doubts. As a new fitness aid, the good and bad fascia guns on the market are uneven. Many people also have misunderstandings in the way they use fascia guns, which leads to many People mistakenly think that the fascia gun is an “IQ tax.” In fact, the role of the fascia gun in relieving exercise pain and promoting recovery after exercise has a clear scientific basis.

Is the fascia gun the more expensive and professional is the best?

Of course not, five criteria for purchasing a fascia gun. Choose the fascia gun according to these five standards. Don’t choose the expensive one, just choose the right one:

  1. Motor

The motor is the heart of the fascia gun, and it is also a direct source of high-frequency vibration. At present, there are two types of motors for fascia guns on the market: brush motors and brushless motors. The difference between the two motors lies in the traditional structure of whether to use brushes. The brush motor has a short life due to the friction loss of the brushes, and will cause electromagnetic damage and interfere with electronic equipment. The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. The specific principle difference will not be discussed here. The conclusion is that the use of a brushless motor is recommended because it has higher stability and longer life, as a power source for high-frequency vibration, more stable, lower power consumption, and better battery life.

  1. Control System

The control system determines the speed and working mode of the motor. The higher the speed of the motor, the stronger the power, the greater the massage intensity and the deeper the massage, but relatively speaking, the stimulation of the muscles is greater. Therefore, if the control system of the fascia gun can provide a variety of speeds and modes, it can meet the needs of different situations. Generally, it is recommended that the speed range of the fascia gun is at least 1200 revolutions/min and the highest is 3000 revolutions/min. The more adjustable gears, the clearer the massage level and the easier it is to adjust to the most suitable massage intensity.

  1. Battery capacity

Needless to say, the battery capacity directly affects the battery life, and the larger the battery capacity, the better.

  1. Noise decibels

Fascia gun is a product for continuous use. If the noise is not well controlled, the use process will be too uncomfortable. But the motor will produce noise, and the level of noise reduction also reflects the performance of the brand’s technical strength. An excellent fascia gun controls the noise to at least 45dB, which is the level of whispering in the ear, which is acceptable to most people.

  1. Weight and volume

The lighter the weight of the product, the more suitable for long-term use without tiring hands. The smaller the grip circumference, the more stable the grip, and the more comfortable and effortless it feels.

In summary, a fascia gun with a brushless motor, high speed and multiple gears, good battery life, low noise, small size and light weight is a good fascia gun. In addition, what I like more is that the fascia gun has a heating function. It is too friendly to use in winter. Hot compress can quickly eliminate fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate muscle recovery, effectively reduce muscle soreness, and reduce swelling. It can also be used.


The usefulness of the fascia gun mainly depends on the user’s psychological expectations of it. The fascia gun is actually mainly used to relax the human body’s fascia. We know that there is a layer of fascia that wraps it on the outside of the muscle, like a Plastic bags restrain our muscles. After we exercise, the muscles are very tense, and these fascias become very tight. The function of the fascia gun is to beat our fascias by constant vibration to relax them. We will not feel muscle pain, nor will we have cramps.


Many women use the fascia gun to exercise may be mainly used to make themselves have better muscle lines. The muscles can be beaten by the fascia gun to achieve this effect, but in fact, it can only be used for relaxation. For the fat effect, if women use the fascia gun to lose weight, they still need to exercise to achieve the goal of fat loss.

Some professional athletes or students majoring in physical education will use the fascia gun. Its effect is indeed very good, but it is very painful when the muscles are beaten after exercise. This is a very sore feeling. Many people experience it. It feels very painful, but it also feels very refreshing after the beating, because the fascia and muscles have been relaxed.


When we use it, we must choose the appropriate gear. Do not choose a gear with too high frequency to beat the muscles and fascia. You must use it gradually after exercise. Remember that the fascia gun is only used to assist relaxation, and does not What the main effect.


Warming up before running and relaxing muscles after running are an indispensable part of a complete training session, and it is also standard for a mature runner. Adequate and intensive warm-up before running can effectively increase body temperature, increase heat dissipation, reduce the inertia of internal organs, and improve running economy, thereby achieving better sports performance; also deep and thorough muscle relaxation after running is helpful Reduce muscle tension, promote fatigue recovery, and prevent injury. From the perspective of training, the improvement of athletic ability is one: training-fatigue-recovery, retraining-fatigue again-recovery again. Without sufficient recovery, there will be no improvement in athletic ability.


Obviously, recovery after exercise is as important as training. Recovery is a continuation of training, not optional. Stretching is the basic relaxation method for runners after training, but a single stretching method cannot effectively, deeply and fully relax the muscles. You need more diversified, rich and comprehensive recovery methods to achieve full and effective muscle relaxation. Stretching is not enough.

Why should we stretch our muscles? In fact, it mainly achieves two purposes

First: By lengthening the muscles, the elasticity and extensibility of the muscles are improved, so that the muscles can be shortened when they are exerted, and they can also be relaxed and elongated. In this way, the muscles can be stretched the longest and the shortest can be received, extending the distance of muscle work, and improving the efficiency of muscle work. Therefore, flexibility is also an important manifestation of a person’s athletic ability.


Second: The muscles tend to be shortened and stiff after exercise. At this time, stretching can help the muscles to restore their original length and relax the muscles.


Muscle relaxation, you need to relax black technology-fascia gun

Fascia gun is a relaxation tool that has only become popular in mass fitness in recent years. It is a high-frequency impact relaxation method that can relax muscles through impacts on muscles at different frequencies.


The fascia gun will generate a certain amount of pressure when the high-frequency oscillation impacts the muscle, and the muscle tension will increase, thereby activating the tension change receptors at the location of the tendon-the Golgi tendon organ. The Golgi tendon organ has the effect of significantly reducing muscle tension. Can relax the muscles. In addition, the fascia gun can also inhibit muscle length change receptors in muscle fibers-muscle spindles; the purpose of inhibiting muscle spindles is to lower. It can also reduce muscle tension, restore muscle functional length, accelerate blood circulation, and reduce the adhesion of fascia tissues, thereby achieving the effect of relaxing muscle fascia.


Relaxing after running is a must for runners of any level during the training process. However, most runners do not fully relax after running, which will affect muscle state and joint mobility over time, and increase the risk of running injuries. For those who are afraid of not, enthusiasts can use stretching, fascia gun and other means to promote the rapid recovery of muscle fatigue, so that while avoiding running injuries, it also potentially improves running ability.