Soap Dispenser

Okaymedical, a Professional Automatic Soap Dispenser Manufacturers & Wholesale , We have 10 Years of Automatic Soap Dispenser Manufacturers & Wholesale Development Experience and provide OEM & ODM.

  • Attractive and Stylish High Quality chrome with clear soap container
  • Touchless operation provides for easy, hygienic soap dispensing.
  • We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home — for years.
  • TOUCH-FREE SOAP – Ensures no germs or smudges are left behind – perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.
  • SPEED DISPENSE – Our high-efficiency pump dispenses soap in just seconds.
  • PRECISE SENSING – The sensor has a precise trigger zone for accurate, high-speed activation.
  • NO MESSY DRIPS – Flexible silicone valve snaps shut to create a seal preventing messy drips.
  • WIDE REFILL OPENING – Makes refills fast, easy, and spill-free.

Hand Sanitizer Wall Whodsale Liquid Dispenser with Tmeperature Check


$19.9-$29.9 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser Supplier Soap Dispenser With Thermometer


$19.9-$29.9 / Wholesales
10 Pcs (Min. Order)

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