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Shenzhen Okaymedical Co., ltd. It was founded in 2008, Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturing Organization (Factory), Our Factory has ISO9001: 2008 Standard and Leader in Manufaturing All Series of Personal Protective Equipment for United States Wholesale Distributor (Importer). Mainly products Finger Pulse Oximeter, Infrared Thermometer, Forehead Thermometer, Soap Dispenser and Myofascial Massage Gun.To solution help our customer to get the Utilities.

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Finger Pulse Oximeter

Fully customizable Finger Pulse Oximeter products with dedicated services from our experts.

Myofascial Massage Gun

Fully customizable Myofascial Massage Gun products with dedicated services from our experts.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Fully customizable Blood Pressure Monitor products with dedicated services from our experts.

Smart Bracelet

Fully customizable Smart Bracelet products with dedicated services from our experts.

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Which factors influence the measuring result of portable oximeter?

What are the main measurement indicators of the portable oximeter? The main measurement indicators of the portable oximeter are pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and perfusion index (PI). According to medical analysis, the oxygen content in the blood is greater than or equal to 95, which is a normal indicator; the pulse rate is between […]

05/06/2021    Alvin

How long do Oxygen Concentrator Machine Last?

What’s a Portable Oxygen Concentrator? A portable oxygen concentrator machine(O2 concentrator) is a medical device that delivers almost pure oxygen through the nose by tubes to those who require it. It brings in ambient air from the room it is placed, compresses the oxygen in a filter called a Sieve Bed. The Sieve Bed essentially […]

04/29/2021    Alvin

What Should Your Finger Pulse Oximeter Read?

It could help if you are going to in ill. Preparing a finger pulse oximeter is very necessary at home especially for old men. It can help you a lot.   Understanding the readings of finger pulse oximeter The pulse oximeters usually show the values of blood oxygen saturation levels as a percentage, represented by […]

04/22/2021    Alvin

What does a smart bracelet do?

Nowadays, science has stepped ahead to the factor the place human beings can now do smartphone things to do on the go besides having to take their telephones out from their pockets. This is what smart bracelet, the rather new clever wearable device is designed for.   With the develop of clever wearable technology, elegant […]

04/18/2021    Alvin