Today’s smart bracelet is very popular with young people, not only because it is a simple step-counting tool, but also has a health monitoring function, and it is very light and stylish to wear on the hand. In terms of function, not only has the basic function of step counting, but also functions such as sleep monitoring and measurement of exercise heart rate. It can be said that the smart bracelet conforms to the modern people’s concept of exercise and health, and thus was born a smart wrist products. These functions are indeed very practical for those who exercise less.

What are the functions of the smart sports bracelet watch?

  1. Step counting function

In fact, the smart sport bracelet watch is also a high-end and practical pedometer. Just like the actual pedometer, it can count the number of steps, and it can also measure distance, calories, fat and other functions. The pedometer can be said to be the core selling point of the smart bracelet. It can not only record the user’s daily steps and analyze the goal achievement rate, but also store and record the movement trend over a period of time, helping the wearer to fully understand and analyze their own sports conditions, which has certain reference value and significance.

  1. Sleep monitoring function

Checking the quality of sleep. This is another promotional point of the smart bracelet. It can help you monitor the time to fall asleep and wake up, analyze the time of light sleep and deep sleep and the number of waking times, remind you to keep asleep, arrange sleep, etc., and even after synchronizing with your mobile phone, you can see the sleep information recorded by the bracelet, which can be said to be very convenient. Monitor sleep, vibration wake up function. Wear it to sleep at night, let it record your deep sleep, light sleep, and waking time, and analyze your sleep quality by drawing trend charts. Vibrate wake up every morning, without disturbing roommates or family members.

  1. Heart rate, blood pressure monitoring function

The data of the heart rate monitoring function can tell the health of your heart.

  1. Social functions

There is another convenient place for the bracelet, that is, it has a social network function to check the message push of the mobile phone.

And be able to share your sleep quality, exercise status, mood records, etc. to your friends through social networks. You can also send your physical condition to your friends and family, this function is very practical for the elderly.

  1. View message, APP connection. Sport bracelet watch there is a corresponding “Happy Sports” APP to use, but if you don’t want so many applications on your phone, you can also directly scan the QR code to connect to WeChat, which is convenient and simple.
  2. Call reminder, call rejection function. itnot only allows you to view the data you want to see at any time, but also helps you reject calls. Whether it is a harassing call or inconvenient to answer, just tap it once and hang up all those who don’t want to answer.
  3. Message reminder, send messagefunction.It has multiple reminder functions such as call reminder, sedentary reminder, information reminder, etc. You can also touch to view SMS and WeChat messages, and message processing is more timely and effective.
  4. Other details settings. Such as the left and right hand or horizontal and vertical screen custom settings, automatic adjustment of screen brightness at night, friend group duel, automatic recognition of running mode and other intimate functions.

In general, the smart sport bracelet watch is not only a fashionable wrist tool with practical functions, but also for young people nowadays, it can be said to be a way to supervise exercise, monitor physical conditions, develop a healthy lifestyle, and cultivate work habits. It’s really a good helper.

The bracelet can perform basic exercise records, check mobile notification pushes, heart rate monitoring, etc. worth buying. Some of the new bracelets now have the function of detecting and monitoring heart rate. Heart rate is a very important physical index, whether it is exercise, weight loss, or exercise, it is of reference significance. Weight loss, only moderate exercise can achieve the effect, too low is not good, too high consumption is not fat, and no effect, heart rate is an important indicator that can assist in judgment.

The current smart wearable devices can be said to be in full swing, various smart bracelets emerge in an endless stream, when we choose to buy a smart bracelet, which functions should we pay attention to? Smart bracelets first have a movement monitoring function, the most basic is step counting If you just want to record your exercise volume, then a pedometer is really enough; if you want to be able to count calories, choose the type of exercise wind; you can also choose to have a built-in axis motion sensor and gyroscope , Adopt more accurate algorithms to distinguish different movement states and accurately record movement information. Secondly, the smart bracelet has a sleep quality monitoring function. When choosing a purchase, you must pay attention to the simple operation. It is best to automatically recognize the degree of sleep. Wearable devices should also pay attention to appearance. Smart bracelets have become an element of fashionable daily matching. Whether the color is comfortable, whether the overall style is harmonious, etc. all need to be considered. Other factors for purchasing a smart bracelet include: battery life, which is also very important. Of course, the longer the time, the better; the call function and sound quality must be better; finally, it must be the price, and the price/performance ratio must be higher.


  1. It is not suitable to wear when bathing and swimming, to extend the service life
  2. Do not change the bracelet battery at will
  3. Use the charging cable that comes with the bracelet to charge
  4. Please connect the bracelet when synchronizing data
  5. Do not expose the handle ring to places with high moisture, extremely low temperature or extremely high temperature for a long time
  6. The smart fit watch band has crashed and restarted. Please check whether the phone memory is insufficient or the background service is automatically closed by the phone. Please restart the phone and try again
  7. The bracelet has not been used for more than three months, please charge it before using it