As people’s health awareness becomes stronger and stronger, many people go to the gym in their leisure time to exercise, but sometimes too much exercise can cause muscle soreness. At this time, you need a massage gun to relax. However, different grades of massage guns use different materials, such as batteries, motors, and chips, lead to the prices are various, and the functional effects and customer’s experience are also different.


If you are a sports enthusiast and often do long-term high-intensity training, such as cross-fitting, cycling, running, etc., in the gym as well as some muscle aches and fatigue in your daily work, in fact, you can use it muscle massage gun to solve these problems.


The motors of the massage gun can be divided into two categories-brush motors and brushless motors. Among them, the brushless motor can be said to be an upgraded version of the brush motor. It has many advantages, such as low noise, high stability, high safety, not easy to heat, and long life. Buying a massage gun now basically does not need to consider the use of a brush motor. Although the membrane gun is cheaper than the brushless motor, the experience, safety, and time of use are not guaranteed.

How do i choose the fitness massage gun?

Rated Speed

Some people think that the higher the speed of the massage gun, the better. In fact, this is a wrong idea. If the speed is too high, it may be unbearable for the human body. Not only can it not relax the fascia, but it may also cause damage. If the speed is too low, it will start again. Not effective, so the motor speed should be controlled within a scientific range suitable for the human body. Generally speaking, a speed of 3200 revolutions per minute is already a good massage gun, as for 6000 revolutions per minute or more, That’s mostly a lie. But if the maximum speed of a massage gun is less than 2000 times per minute, I don’t recommend buying it.



The motor torque represents the power performance of the motor to a certain extent. The experience effect is the strength of each strike, so it is not just the fast frequency, but the product needs a certain torque. Generally speaking, the greater the torque, the stronger the force.

Torque reflects the strength and stability of the motor. This is generally not directly marked, you can ask customer service.

Vibration Model

In addition to speed and strength, if you want a better hit feel, you also need to look at the amplitude of the massage gun. The higher the amplitude depth, the easier it is to reach deep muscle groups. Generally speaking, the amplitude of the massage gun should be no less than 10mm. If the amplitude is too small, the massage gun hits the body as soft as itching, without massaging the muscles at all, and there is no comfort.

Amplitude reflects the depth of the hit. The massage gun has deep massage gun and superficial massage gun. Generally, the amplitude of 12mm can be touched. If there is no need of fitness exercises, there is no problem with less amplitude.



Noise has a great impact on the experience of using the massage gun. Excessive noise may not only damage the hearing, but also greatly reduce the experience of use. Therefore, one of the criteria for choosing a massage gun is that the noise should not be higher than 70 decibels. There are two ways to reduce noise, one is to reduce the noise fundamentally, and the other is to add sound insulation materials. The current massage gun adopts the first method. Work hard on the motor. The too cheap copycat products often use brushed motors or machines modified with jig saws. The noise is very loud and easy to damage after a long time. hearing. The brushless motor is better than the brush motor in terms of noise, which is why the choice of the massage gun mainly depends on the motor.


Battery life

Generally speaking, the difference is not very big. But if it is for fitness and sports needs, or if multiple people use it together, it is natural to choose the one with high battery life.

Finaly, if you are not a professional athlete or fitness person, you do not need to buy an expensive high-end massage gun. Consider our massage gun, which is very suitable for home use and personal daily use.

Are there any massage head types for the therapy gun?

massage gun has many different shapes of massage heads. From the current market situation, the massage heads equipped with massage gun are only these four types. There may be one or two more massage heads, but these four are more common.

  1. Spherical massage head: It is more suitable for a wide range of muscle groups such as chest, legs and back.
  2. Flat-head massage head: This massage head is actually suitable for all parts.
  3. Fork massage head: This is more suitable for massaging muscles such as the back of the neck and the Achilles tendon of the legs.
  4. Pointed massage head: suitable for small-scale muscle groups such as palms and soles, and its stimulation intensity will be deeper.
  5. The above are different types of massage heads for massage guns. Basically, the above four are more than enough. It is recommended that you do not choose dozens of types of massage heads, in fact, it is not to much useful.