We wash our hands after we go to the bathroom, and we wash our hands before meals and then eat. Are there really no bacteria on our hands after washing? Actually no, there will still be some bacteria on the hands after washing them. At this time, you should use a soap dispenser to eliminate the bacteria left on your hands and create a healthy and hygienic environment for yourself and the people around you.

The soap dispenser produced by okaymedical is safe and convenient to use. It can be installed and used whether in your own home or where you are working. It can be said to be used by one person, and the whole family can rest assured.

If you love your family and your life, use the sensor hand sanitizer dispenser. Because our hands have to touch a lot of things in our life, and these things are very important to our work and life, so we must pay attention to the protection of our hands, of course, this is also a kind of health for our lives Prevent a kind of protection, especially when the epidemic is not over, you should pay more attention to your hand hygiene and stay away from the virus.

The soap dispenser is an items that people favorite and a necessary product for the bathroom. Because of its beautiful appearance, convenience and sanitation, and wide range of uses, it is gradually being liked by everyone, which makes this product popular in the family.

Soap dispensers, also called hand sanitizer dispensers and liquid dispensers, are characterized by automatic and quantitative liquid extraction. It is designed with ingenious liquid discharge, so people can easily use soap and hand sanitizer without touching and squeezing with their hands. Avoid contact, very convenient and hygienic! In modern times, sensor hand sanitizer dispensers are widely used in public places, such as shopping malls, airports, stations, hospitals, high-end office buildings, etc. And family, such as bathroom, kitchen.

There are many types of soap dispensers, how to choose them?

The choice of soap dispenser can start from the following three aspects

  1. Material style

The material of hand sanitizer dispenser is usually stainless steel and plastic. Stainless steel is beautiful and durable, but it is not easy to see the volume of soap used. The color of plastic is bright, light and fashionable, and the price is cheaper than plastic. It is recommended to use plastic as a soap dispenser at home.

If you choose to place the sensor hand sanitizer dispenser, regardless of installation issues, place it in a convenient place for access. It is usually next to the tap in the sink.

If it is wall-mounted or standing hanging type, although it needs to be installed, it can be done manually, just pay attention to the installation method.

If it is a sink type soap dispenser, professional personnel need to install it, and the installation procedure is complicated

Choose a suitable installation location. The soap device hung on the wall is easy to use. Don’t install it too far from the sink. The appropriate location is 30 cm to the left or right of the sink. If you hang the towel on the washbasin, you can move the automatic soap dispenser to a place farther away from the sides to avoid being too crowded.

Secondly, because it is fixed with screws, it will drill holes in the wall. After selecting the location, determine the location of the hole to avoid excessive damage to the wall. In order to strengthen the fixing effect, a rubber plug should be installed when installing the screw, which can protect the wall hole from the influence of slag and no longer expand.

If an automatic soap dispenser is installed, after installation, check whether the motor cable and the induction head cable are well connected and whether the installation is firm; the power plug should be based on the water source to prevent safety accidents.

  1. Working principle

There are two types of soap dispensers: automatic soap dispensers and manual soap dispensers. The automatic soap dispenser is also called an induction soap dispenser. It uses infrared technology. When approaching the human body, the liquid outlet will automatically squeeze out a certain amount of soap. This soap dispenser is relatively expensive and is usually used in public places because it looks more advanced and advanced. A manual soap dispenser is a device that passes soap liquid through a button. Its design has no electricity, and manually controls the liquid output, which is also very suitable for home use.

  1. Installation method

From the perspective of installation methods, there are three types: free-standing, wall-mounted and sink type. The free-standing soap dispenser can be placed directly on the hand washing table without installation and is easy to move. The wall-mounted type fixes the soap dispenser on the wall with screws, which will damage the wall during installation and save space. The sink type is a combination of a sink and a soap dispenser, with complicated installation and a strong sense of overall design.

However, there are many places where soap dispensers are used, such as hotels, office buildings, residences, etc. The soap dispensers used in these places are different, which requires users to pay attention to the following four points when purchasing.

First, it can be divided into automatic soap dispenser, manual soap dispenser, and sensor hand sanitizer dispenser. For example, hotels often choose automatic or induction type, which is convenient and high-end.

Second, according to the style, it can be divided into single-head soap dispenser, double-head soap dispenser, and three-head soap dispenser. Generally, there are fewer people in hotel rooms, so you can choose single-head soap dispenser or double-head soap dispenser. The bathroom inside the hotel can choose double-head or triple-head soap dispenser, which is more in line with the actual situation of the hotel.

Third, according to the function, it can be divided into two functions: with lock and without lock. It is more appropriate to choose a lockless hand dispenser in hotel rooms. Hotel toilets can be locked to prevent the waste of soap.

Fourth, according to specifications. The size of the hand sanitizer determines the volume of soap that can be contained. This can be based on the actual needs of the purchaser, and choose a product of a suitable size.

Through the above four points, you can choose according to your needs. Finally, answer the title question. Of cause, the soap dispenser and hand sanitizer are the same.