How to choose a right oxygen checker on finger (finger oximeter) when buying

Many characteristics of the body will reflect health problems. For example, many factors such as pulse beats and blood oxygen levels may cause disease problems, so we must monitor them daily. The main measurement indicators of the oximeter are pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and perfusion index. There is no need to go to the hospital for blood collection, no need to bear the pain of skin and flesh, there is no possibility of cross-infection, and the cumbersome waiting in line for inspection is eliminated. The blood oxygen test can be easily solved by using the oximeter.

Here is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the portable oximeters available on the market (including: finger oximeter, palm oximeter, wrist oximeter, health watch oximeter)!

Plus: oximeter is an instrument for measuring the proportion of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood.

First, Finger oximeter (oxygen checker on finger)


  1. The product is small in size, no cable, easy to carry
  2. Easy to operate: just one step-insert your finger into the machine, intelligent automatic start-up monitoring, take out the machine with your finger, automatically shut down and save electricity.
  3. Abundant monitoring functions: blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood perfusion index (reflect the blood perfusion of the measurement site, the greater the pulsating blood flow, the more pulsating components, the greater the PI value, and the measurement of blood oxygen The higher the saturation accuracy).
  4. Bluetooth data transmission: through Bluetooth transmission, the synchronous display and mass storage of data on the mobile phone are realized.
  5. Shading design: The shading sheet design effectively shields the interference of ambient light on the measurement.
  6. Energy saving and environmental protection: with power management function, automatic shutdown without signal in 8 seconds, and battery power management.
  7. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.


  1. Not rechargeable: using two AAA dry batteries, two dry batteries can continuously measure for about 30 hours.
  2. Easy to fall off: The oximeter plus two AAA batteries are clamped on the fingers, the weight is relatively large, the fingers can withstand large, and it is easy to fall off during sleep monitoring.
  3. The comfort is not high: wearing for a long time, the clip is on the fingers, it hurts, and the comfort is not high.

Second, Palm oximeter


  1. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.
  2. Monitorable parameters: blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood perfusion index.


  1. The cable is too long, inconvenient to carry, and it is not a wearable device.
  2. Non-rechargeable: dry batteries are used.

Thirds, Wrist oximeter


  1. The design is small and exquisite, the host is worn on the patient’s wrist, and the blood oxygen probe is worn on the fingers, the fingers are less resistant and the comfort is high.
  2. The product has low power consumption and is equipped with a rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery, which can be recharged and used.
  3. Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
  4. The product will automatically shut down when no signal is generated.
  5. Sleep monitoring system, which can display data on PC or mobile phone via Bluetooth.
  6. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.

Disadvantages: External blood oxygen probe, if you need to choose a suitable blood oxygen probe.

Fourth, health watch type oximeter


  1. A health watch integrating blood oxygen, pulse rate, ECG and pedometer, easy to carry.
  2. Display parameters: blood oxygen saturation value display, pulse rate value display, heart rate value and ECG waveform display, pedometer steps, calorie display.
  3. Data storage function, the stored data can be uploaded to the mobile terminal wirelessly.
  4. With clock function.
  5. Rechargeable function.
  6. Reflective blood oxygen is provided on the side, and a probe for sleep monitoring blood oxygen content is also provided. Easy to measure.

Disadvantages: Health-grade products, no medical device registration certificate.

Finally,by above  there styles oximeter to compare and select a oximeter suit you. Personally, i think the oxygen checker on finger (finger oximeter) is more practical. And welcome to comment.