What’s the difference between a infrared thermometer gun and an ordinary thermometer ?

The ear thermometer mainly uses the theory of infrared reflection, mainly the reflection of the tympanic membrane to measure body temperature. Principle: The tympanic membrane is located deep in the external auditory canal, which can truly reflect the body temperature, so the general ear temperature is a better choice. When testing ear temperature, pay attention […]

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How does an Portable Temperature Meter Work?

In areas with high incidence of new crown pneumonia virus, epidemic prevention points have been set up at the gates of many communities, and one of the important tasks is temperature measurement. Most of the instruments used for temperature measurement are infrared non-contact thermometers to measure temperature. Many businesses claim that the infrared portable temperature […]

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What’s the best hand sanitiser dispenser (Best Hands Free Soap Dispenser) for indoor?

Today’s, hygiene is playing a very important role in our lives. Somewhere we all have understood that we can’t just follow the basic hygiene anymore. Extra steps and high level of sanitization is also required. But have you ever thought of who disinfects the sanitizer dispensers? Frankly, the part of the pump your finger touches […]

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How to choose a right oxygen checker on finger (finger oximeter) when buying

How to choose a right oxygen checker on finger (finger oximeter) when buying Many characteristics of the body will reflect health problems. For example, many factors such as pulse beats and blood oxygen levels may cause disease problems, so we must monitor them daily. The main measurement indicators of the oximeter are pulse rate, blood […]

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What does a finger oximeter(Oxygen and pulse finger monitor) measure?

What’s SpO2? The oximeter uses non-invasive measurement infrared technology to measure the oxygen content in the fingers, toes, and ears. This is the most common place to measure the oxygen content in the blood oxygen. The measurement object is more accurately called the blood oxygen saturation, that is, SpO2. The results of the test are […]

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